International Games Day @ Chicago Public Library!


Gamers of Chicago, participate in our second annual International Games Day @ your Library celebration!

Join CNCS for this free event! Click here to reserve your spot.

Video gamer? We’ll have the game-makers from the International Games Developers Association of Chicago and Bit Bash to tell you about and let you play new games in development. They’ll also offer an opportunity to check out Oculus Rift VR. And we’ll have screens open for free play of Mariokart and Super Smash Bros.

Board games more up your speed? Come play with friendly local game stores Cat and Mouse Games and Chicagoland Games/Dice Dojo, and get to know the people behind Bonus Round Games Caf�, who hosts pop-up events and will open a board game cafe in Chicago this spring.

While you’re here, meet the publishers behind your favorite games!

  • Calliope Games will play Tsuro, Roll for It and other popular titles from their game library.
  • Foxtrot Games will demo their latest Kickstarter success, World’s Fair 1893, and our librarians will discuss the real-life inspiration for this game.
  • Local developer Argyle Games, creators of Foodtown Throwdown, will demo their latest titles.
  • Check out Last Starfleet and other titles from Wicked Grin Games.
  • Learn to play Road to Infamy and meet the local designers fresh off their project’s Kickstarter success.

Round out the day with Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary, which documents the growing designer game market and the gamers who enjoy them.

Gamers from organizations such as Chicago Nerd Social Club and Chicago Gay Gamers will join us for this event. Groups welcome!

Forest Park Public Library Presents: FlipCon

Come one, come all to Forest Park Public Library’s annual geek and comic con, FlipCon! We’re better than ever this year with tons of local creators, local comic and collector’s stores, workshops, gaming, and more. Come in cosplay and join our cosplay parade, learn how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!, talk shop with creators of all kinds, and more. We’ve had Stormtroopers, Power Rangers, and more as our special guests – who will we have this year? The only way to find out is to join the fun!

Book Launch for Coin-Operated Americans

Video gaming: its a boys world, right? Thats what the industry wants us to think. Why and how we came to comply are what Carly A. Kocurek investigates in this provocative consideration of how an industrys craving for respectability hooked up with cultural narratives about technology, masculinity, and youth at the video arcade. From the dawn of the golden age of video games with the launch of Ataris Pongin 1972, through the industry-wide crash of 1983, to the recent nostalgia-bathed revival of the arcade, Coin-Operated Americans explores the development and implications of the video gamer as a cultural identity

Come celebrate the launch of Coin-Operated Americans: Rebooting Boyhood at the Video Game Arcade. Join the author for a reading, book signing, and Q&A for her book on the history of coin-op video games. There will also be raffle prizes and swag, and Geek Bar has food and drink for purchase. And Seminary Co-Op Bookstore will be on hand with books for sale.

Krampus! is coming&

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good…or he’ll beat you with switches and rusty chains, stuff you in a basket and drag you to the fiery depths below…

…Oh yes, boys and girls, Krampus is coming.

It isn’t enough that a family has to deal with the usual drama that comes with Christmas, but the Murray family has to do it in the isolation of a cabin in the woods, during a snow storm with a holiday devil running amok and only some peppermint schnaps to get them through it. Will there be enough Christmas spirit for all to survive?

This holiday season Strangeloop Theatre presents Krampus! written by Company Member Jacyln Jensen and Mike Wozniak and directed by Company Member Maria Burnham.

The cast includes: Jean E. Burr, Justin Fill, Sean Harklerode, Stefanie Johnsen, Allison McCorkle, Paul Tinsley, Michael Wagman and Chad Wise.

Who is Krampus? In European folklore, Krampus is the hell-bound companion of Saint Nicholas. With cloven hooves, a long tongue and goat-like horns, Krampus (also known as Black Peter) punishes the naughty children while Saint Nicholas rewards the good.

This year Strangeloop expands its annual holiday show from two nights in one location to four nights in two locations. Krampus will be all around.

All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. On Monday, December 7, and Tuesday, December 8, you can find Krampus! at Mary’s Attic in Andersonville (5400 N. Clark St., Chicago, 60640). And on Monday, December 14, and Tuesday, December 15, Krampus! will be at Underground Wonder Bar in River North (710 N. Clark St., Chicago 60654).

Tickets are $10 in advance via Brown Paper Tickets or $12 at the door.

THE GEEK SHOW: Star Wars Edition

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


VStheUNIVERSE brings back The Geek Show for a special star-studded December event! Caitlin Rosberg from the A/V Club will be joining the gang to talk about the latest run of Star Wars comic books, and the boys from Talkin’ Games will be swinging by to spitball about the very best and worst of the Star Wars video games! On top of that, the VtU Crew will be premiering their latest video sketch, Matt Payne will be by to serenade you, and the team from Muscular Clown will be on hand for hijinks as well!

Tickets are FREE. Reserve yours today! The show begins at 8 PM at Stage773 in Chicago, IL!

Nerd Night XV

Nerd Night XV on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nerd Night is 15 years old!*

To celebrate this special milestone, we will be giving away fun raffle prizes (Dead of Winter, Puerto Rico, Forbidden Desert, The Resistance, etc.) throughout the evening. Join us for a pleasant evening of Eurogames, party games, card games, as well as make new friends.

As part of this year’s celebration, we will give away prizes throughout the evening:

RAFFLE RULES Each person who attends Nerd Night receives three (3) free raffle tickets. More raffle tickets may be purchased throughout the evening to increase the chances of winning. Each additional raffle ticket is one dollar. Only ticket holders present at the raffle drawings are eligible to receive prizes. Unclaimed tickets result in another drawing until a winner can claim the prize. A person may win more than one prize through the course of the evening as long as she holds the winning raffle ticket. There will be four raffle drawings of ascending value throughout the evening: First drawing at 6 PM…: The Resistance Second drawing at 8 PM…: Forbidden Desert Third drawing at 10 PM…: Puerto Rico Grand Prize drawing at 12 AM…: Dead of Winter As a prize winner, you are of course permitted to exchange prizes with others (if, for example, you win a game which you already own). Otherwise, gift-wrap to a friend for Christmas.

$5 covers pizza, munchies, drinks and three raffle tickets. So bring any games you wish to play, and of course invite your friends (we created a short video of last year’s event to show what Nerd Night is all about).

You are cordially invited to our 15th annual November Nerd Night–a fun evening of board games, party games and card games. We will be meeting at Melton Hall (Waybright Center) of Trinity.

  • Nerd Night began with just a handful of guys at an apartment who wanted to vent and play board games just a couple of months after the tragic events of 9/11. Since then, it has grown to a co-ed, family event with about 80-90 people coming and going throughout the evening.